Employee surveys and other HR surveys provide valuable information and insight for improving your company’s performance and competitiveness. They provide actionable insight and intelligence that managers need to compete and succeed. Employee surveys identify opportunities for enhancing employee and customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, including identifying many ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Here are valuable tips to writing survey questions for getting the most value and ensure success from an employee survey:

Start with Objectives

The primary objective of your survey needs to be very clear and precise. Once you have identified your goal or purpose of the survey, you will be able to write questions for the survey that will lead you to the answers you are seeking. If your employee survey goals are not clear from the very beginning, you may not get the results you need.

Define the Employee Surveys Purpose

Being clear why you want the information will enable you to challenge the need for each question actively. The way survey questions are designed should stay focused on its purpose. By clear wording and properly structuring the questions, employee surveys can be used in many ways and for a variety of reasons.

Identify Who Should Participate

Survey insights and data quality can increase by including all employees in the online survey invitation, except the newest employees or those contractors with a less-direct working relationship with the business or organisation.

Protect Anonymity of Employees

Get honest answers and feedback from employees by making sure that their answers are confidential. Make it clear the survey responses will only be used for the purpose stated in the survey introduction. Ensure data and information collected is safe and secure to ensure that employees feel at ease when answering the survey questions truthfully. Employees will honestly express their concerns and views if they are confident the identification details are protected.

Keep it Simple and Easy

Don’t make the survey complex or lengthy for the respondents. Avoid asking multiple ideas in a single question. The best way to structure and conduct an employee survey is to ask one idea at a time. Distributing a long and complicated survey will result in drop-outs and a reduction in your employee engagement score.

Consider the Company Culture

Make sure the company culture welcomes honest and direct feedback from employees – this will reinforce the positive nature of the survey and make them feel safe in providing honest answers to your employee surveys.

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