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We can host your survey, or add it to your favourite survey tool.

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Just some of the types of surveys we can help you with!

Satisfaction surveys

Product surveys

Service surveys

Ideas generation

Media testing

Health surveys

Community surveys

Evaluation surveys

Project surveys

Employee surveys

Not for profit surveys

Fund-raising surveys

School surveys

Member surveys

Event surveys

Planning surveys

Employee 360 degree

Participation surveys

Marketing surveys

Advertising surveys

"...really helped with the questions, building them into a professionally structured survey..."

Steve Gray

Managing Director, GRAYMATTER

We Help You Create, Manage & Deliver Low Cost Online Surveys.

How does it work?

24surveys online survey ordering step 1

You tell us what you need

To get started please complete our order request form and tell us what you need the survey to say to you, what questions you need answering and from whom. We’ll review your order request, and all your information is secure and confidential.

24surveys online survey ordering step 2

Confirm your survey order

When we receive your information, we will confirm receipt and go through the information and ask any clarifying questions. Next, we will send you a detailed quote and clarify any final points before we begin professionally creating your online survey.

24surveys online survey ordering step 3

Custom scripting surveys

Net, and before we begin we take a small deposit to confirm your order. We will then create your survey based on the information you have provided. You get included two adjustments to your draft survey unless you choose one of our service extras.

24surveys online survey ordering step 4

Survey delivery & results

We take final payment, and deliver the survey in PDF & Microsoft Word. We program the survey into the chosen tool. If we are sourcing people responses, we send it to our research panel. If we are hosting, watch your survey results from our dashboard.

Sourcing survey responses

Our research panel we use to recruit from your survey is an ISO 20252 certified panel, which complies with ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA and AMSRO standards.

"The advice, speed of service and end result exceeded our expectations..."

Jarred Nation

Director, Salters HIre


Our expertise

We Create, Manage & Deliver Low-Cost Online Surveys.

We take the questions you want to ask and build them into a professionally structured survey.

Why choose 24Surveys

  1. We are marketing research professionals who craft your survey for maximum insight attraction.
  2. Optimsed questions to engage research participants to ensure completion.
  3. Questions designed to engage people on mobile and desktop devices.
  4. We help you eliminate common mistakes when trying to create your own survey.
  5. Custom survey questions for your specific needs and not a template approach.
  6. Reuse your survey, or have us edit the questions next time you want to change the survey.
  7. Survey completion monitoring for hosted surveys to ensure we get valid responses.
  8. Included free with your results age, sex and postcode location.

Hosted surveys

Select from several predefined demographic questions for free or have us create some to match your specific need.

Expert screening question included with your survey to ensure we only include those people who meet your requirements. Screening questions prepared by panel consultants to avoid costly mistakes.

Quota management advice and monitoring so that we get the right amount of survey responses from the right target audience.

Survey draft and revision

View the draft survey and approve the questions before deployed and request 2 minor changes to the draft and approve the revision.
Include fancy logic so that we can direct responses to the right questions based on their responses.

Survey deployment

  1. Provide you with a link to the survey you can distribute, or
  2. We deploy it to our panel to obtain the requested number of surveys completes.

Viewing the results

For 24survey hosted surveys, receive a link to the live dashboard and watch the completions in real-time.

We manage the survey while live to ensure the right amount of people complete the survey.

On final payment (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or direct deposit) you get a link to view results online and the requested reports.

Reporting options

You have the option for us to create a PowerPoint presentation, detailed excel charts or infographics to help communicate the results, or just receive the excel data at no additional cost.

Choose to include a debrief session to go through the results and get some expert interpretation of the results.